OJ first landed on the label’s radar during a trip Bambu took with DJ Phatrick to build with the community in the Central Valley of California. After a performance in Visalia, OJ got a beat CD to Bambu, which was played on the drive back to Los Angeles. Bam and Phatty loved all the beats, which is very rare, and they reached out to OJ to work on their upcoming, “...one rifle per family.” album -- the rest is history. OJ, who cooks up all his beats in the farming community of Orosi, has had his unique style of boom bap production on almost every Beatrock Music release since that beat CD first hit Bam’s hands. Since then, OJ has become Bambu’s go-to producer, putting him at the helm of the Exrcising A Demon series following the success of “Prey For The Devil,” which OJ produced entirely as well. One of the most industrious artists on Beatrock Music, OJ continues to churn out beats to keep all the Beatrock artists excited to continue creating.

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