Bambu - Party Worker CD

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1. Check-In
beat by OJ 
background vocals by Jimetta Rose 
bass by Aidan James Shirley
2. Welcome To The Party
beat by DJ Phatrick 
additional vocals by Margeaux Cortez 
traditional Filipino instrumentation by Kayamanan Ng Lahi
3. Comrades
beat by Ra Stablished
4. Minimum Wage
beat by OJ 
moog played by DJ Phatrick 
bass by James Shirley 
additional mixing by James Rim
5. Dickies Black Chucks
beat and production by Ro Blvd 
additional vocals by Klassy 
additional mixing by Ro Blvd 
interlude by Siddiq The Mowfpeece
6. A Sunrise Before
beat by BrandonAllDay 
additional elements provided by Otayo Dubb 
additional vocals by Roy Choi
7. Day One
beat by Nphared 
scratches by DJ Phatrick
8. Croptender Break
written and performed by The Fighting Cocks
9. Young Old Filipino Man
beat by OJ
10. Working Klass Klassy
written and performed by Klassy 
produced by OJ
11. Progressive Tax
beat by Frank Grimes 
additional vocals by Kixxie Siete
12. Bread
written and performed by Faith Santilla
13. Labor Of Girl
written and performed by Rocky Rivera 
beat by OJ
14. Gold
beat by CZA
15. Monsters
beat by OJ

Written by Bambu
Arranged, Mixed, and Produced by DJ Phatrick
Artwork and Direction by Bambu
Photographs by Rafy Ochoa
Mastered by Jared Hirshland for Elysian Masters

Released October 23, 2014