Klassy was a neighborhood star before her Junior year of High School. The Echo Park native had built a reputation as a fearsome emcee, recording songs while her peers were cramming for finals, and finding her signature flow while other young artists followed the trends. In her senior year of High School, Klassy made a show stealing appearance on Bambu's "Party Worker" album, and shortly after, took herself off the radar to focus on her other artistic passion -- tattoo. Just as quickly as her name circulated through the neighborhood back in High School, her work on the tattoo scene swiftly spread, leading to her working as a full-time tattoo artist. Then in 2017, seemingly out of nowhere, Klassy popped back up to lend her talents to the powerful hit song "US" from labelmate Ruby Ibarra's debut "Circa91." From the heart of Historic Filipinotown in Echo Park, she has kept busy balancing her tattooing and completing her first project "Dirty Cortez." The 20-minute project is loaded with jazzy, boom bap heavy production by OJ The Producer, Fatgums, Otayo Dubb and Exile -- keeping Klassy skating over the melodies with her trademark laid back wordplay. With an amazing live performance to match her rhythmic cadence, the 22-year old is set to carry on the emcee craft in its truest form.