Klassy - Dirty Cortez/The Ashtray Sessions - Vinyl Record

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Limited Edition Grape Vinyl - (300 pressed)


SIDE A - Dirty Cortez: 

  1. Dirty Cortez Intro (produced by Fatgums)
  2. Inside Out (produced by Exile)
  3. Without You (produced by Otayo Dubb)
  4. Dirty Hernan Interlude [feat. Bambu]
  5. Balance (produced by OJ The Producer)
  6. Power Trip [feat. Ruby Ibarra] (produced by OJ The Producer)
  7. Traveler (produced by Fatgums)
  • Written by Klassy (2019)
  • Recorded and Mixed by Fatgums at Beatrock Music Studio
  • Mastered by Trakworx

SIDE B - The Ashtray Sessions: 

  1. Best of It (produce by Double Lyfe)
  2. We'll Never Know (produced by Double Lyfe)
  3. Cypher Effect Interlude
  4. Perfect Getaway (produced by Freddie Joachim)
  5. Sweet Awakening (produced by Isick)
  • Written by Klassy (2012, at age 15)
  • Recorded by EQ at Ashtray of LA
  • Mixed by Fatgums
  • Mastered by Trakworx

Executive Produced by Fatgums