In the story of Beatrock Music, the release of CIRCA91 will be the juncture that redefines the label’s future. Ruby’s debut album built like an avalanche, and eclipsed the underground rap scene when it eventually picked up steam. Released quietly on Beatrock Music at the end of 2017, it wasn’t until the release of “US” in the Spring of 2018 that the album’s full potential was realized. “US,” featuring labelmates Faith Santilla, Rocky Rivera and Klassy, took on a life of it’s own -- spawning a documentary that made it’s rounds on the film festival circuit, a music video that spread rapidly through the internet, and a merchandise frenzy that pushed label to its capacity. None of this is accidental, or viral… Ruby Ibarra has truly put in the work and elevated her independent hustle astronomically; filling her calendar with shows across the globe, stopping by The Grammy’s, appearing on MasterCard campaigns, radio shows, television segments, and still finding time to show up for the young Pilipinx-American community that loves her so much. Ruby Ibarra has repeatedly said that she is “standing on so many shoulders right now,” and those shoulders are proud to hold her up. After releasing the third video from CIRCA91, “Taking Names,” she’s gone back out on the road with her band, The Balikbayans, and is planning a return to the studio to drop an album at the end of 2019. Keep up with her movements on social media and right here on