Oakland’s place in Hip Hop has always been at the forefront. Whether pushing boundaries through the innovative verbal acrobatics of the Bay Area, or the hard hitting funk-infused beats cooking out of the region, Oakland is leading the charge. Otayo Dubb was birthed from this sound. His catalog as part of the pioneering group, the Co-Deez was another push forward for the Bay and the group remains a fixture in Oakland Hip Hop history. Otayo was part of the first group signed to Beatrock Music, The Counterparts, and eventually released “Cold Piece Of Work” with the label as a solo artist. Otayo’s laid back West Coast flow bounces over hard hitting beats in true veteran fashion, moving seamlessly to keep you nodding along. With his numerous achievments as an emcee stacked up, Otayo Dubb is also one of the label’s most accomplished producers; lending his beats to some of the biggest hits on Beatrock. A true threat behind the mic and on the boards, Otayo is a true master of the game. Since releasing his collaboration “Baby Steps” with San Francisco vanguard, Equipto, Otayo’s been in the studio constructing something for slapping for a summer 2019 release… stay tuned.