Rocky, or “the First Lady of Beatrock,” has been etching out her lane with her signature brand of brashness and lyrical wit since her debut mixtape, “Married To The Hustle.” As one of the label veterans, she has helped pave the way, set the tone and create a platform for militant feminist Hip Hop. Rocky’s live shows and recorded music keep her loyal Rocky Soldiers motivated, and turn new ears into instant fans. Along with her Beatrock releases, “Gangster Of Love,” “Pop Killer,” and “Nom de Guerre,” she has released two mixtapes, three albums and seven joint projects with DJ Roza under the Rock & Roz series on Soundcloud. Rocky’s music is a journey into the spirit of resistance in the form of loud bass and energetic feminist anthems. Her latest album, Rocky's Revenge, was created in collaboration with Women's Audio Mission and is available now for streaming and purchase on all digital platforms.