The Bar - Prometheus Brown and Bambu Walk Into A Bar CD

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1. Fuck Dog the Bounty Hunter (produced by Osna)
2. At It Again (produced by MTK)
3. Nowhere (produced by DJ Nphared)
4. Mahalo (produced by Just D'Amato)
5. National Treasure (produced by Vitamin D)
6. The Bar (produced by Vitamin D)
7. Molotov Tiki Torch Cocktail Rap (produced by 6Fingers)
8. Lookin Up (produced by Fatgums)
9. Rashida Jones (produced by Budo)
10. Slow Down [Yavash Remix] (produced by Sabzi)

Presented by Beatrock Music and In4mation
Written by Prometheus Brown and Bambu
Mixed by Vitamin D at The Pharmacy, Seattle, WA
Mastered by Glenn Gonda at Truth Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Released July 6, 2011