FATGUMS X BAMBU - A Peaceful Riot - Vinyl Record

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Includes Digital Download

1. Intro
2. Peddlin' Music
3. Strapped
4. Good Clothes
5. Listen
6. Words From JOMA/Words From TINO
7. Gunslinger I
8. Gunslinger II
9. Won't Walk Away (produced by Fatgums and Gammaray)
10. Black Smile (produced by Gammray)

Written by Bambu
Produced by Fatgums
Recorded by Fatgums at the Beatrock Music Headquarters, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by Gammaray at Gamma Sound, San Francisco, CA
Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx, South San Francisco, CA
Artwork by David Araquel (Beatrock Long Beach)

Released April 25, 2009